Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project Status Report 13 Sep 2013

Dennis Wingo: – Status, end of day Friday September 13, 2013.
A very productive day today. I am currently finishing up G5-129, yep that is 15 tapes today. Some only needed a few framelets and a couple I did not have to run at all but that is still a heck of a lot of work. Since August 18th we have process 249 tapes, representing almost 5,000 lbs of tape product moved twice. I will post the tape to image numbers when I can….
Here is a picture of the tape pile for LOV as it continues to grow.
There is a reason that we are getting more head life. One is that since we don’t really have to play these tapes again we have the heads “dig” into the tapes with more pressure, allowing a worn head to still provide signal. Another factor is that the head that these tapes were made on was worn itself as they record what the tip size is so that we can tell that. So a couple of lucky breaks plus knowing how to finagle the last bit of head life has helped us along. Click on image to enlarge.