LOIRP Status Report 29 May 2013

Dennis Wingo: Its dead Jim…. The new head we just got and have ran about 20 tapes has died. Somehow a tip was broken this morning when we put G2-073 on the machine. We are going to have to send it back to Videomagnetics for repair. We may be able to find one of our other heads with some life left to carry us over until we get this one back but I can’t count on it. We can now catch up on all of the captures we have done of late. We should have several hundred more images now! I will get some statistics from Austin after we have processed the tapes that we have done lately.

LOIRP Status Report 20 May 2013

Dennis Wingo: Got the new refurbished head working today! Going back and doing one Madrid tape and then instead of doing the 18 scotch tapes we are going to start with the Goldstone tapes which some of them overlap the Scotch tapes. This also preserves the head in case something happens with the Scotch tapes so that we get our LOII stuff done as we promised for our Rockethub donors…

Maintaining Our Old Tape Drives

Ken Zin works with an Ampex tape drive head for our FR-900 tape drive. This one had to be sent back to repair after the refurbishment. One of the head tips did not work.

How Life Magazine Revealed “Earthrise” in 1966

The following two pages from the 9 September 1966 issue of Life magazine are how many people first saw the famous “earthrise” photo taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 less than two weeks earlier. The editors of Life sought to place the image in a context such that people could see what was actually in the picture. LOIRP has done similar analyses here and here. Due to the enhanced resolution of our images we were able to pin down the exact time and orientation of Earth a bit more accurately than was possible in 1966.
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LOIRP analysis in 2008