Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project Status Report 12 Sep 2013

Dennis Wingo: – Status, end of day Thursday September 12, 2013.
A pretty productive day today. Made it through G5-114 (playing now) today. Pretty good overlaps today and some long runs.
G5-103, partial capture LOV-129M, complete capture 130H
G5-104, partial capture LOV-128M (completes image overlap with W5-047
G5-105, not needed overlap with W5-048
G5-106, partial capture LOV-126M (just a few framelets, overlaps with W5-048,049
G5-107, complete capture LOV-126H (overlaps with W5-050 slightly)
G5-108, partial cpature LOV-124M, complete capture 125H (slight overlap with W5-113 and overlap with W5-044,045)
G5-109, not needed overlap with W5-113, W5-045
G5-110, partial capture LOV-122M (completes image with overlap between W5-113,114
G5-111, partial capture LOV-106H, complete capture 104M, 105H
G5-112, partial capture LOV-103M, complete capture 104H
G5-113, partial capture LOV-102M, complete capture 103H
G5-114, partial capture LOV-101M, complete capture 102H
Another marathon day and another miracle of the head holding out…..
43 tapes (G5-145 is already done) left for Goldstone. Will we make it?
– Status, mid morning September 12, 2013
Running tape today, and am on death watch for the head. If we get through today it will be a miracle! Am running tape G5-104 right now and so far so good. The control track head, which is a second head on the head assembly used for servo control is on its last legs as well so methinks that when this head is done, it is done for good….
Here are the tapes done yesterday.
G5-092, partial capture LOV-157H (completes image, overlaps with M5-48,49, only captured 10 framelets)
G5-093, not captured, overlap with M5-049
G5-094, partial capture LOV-154M, complete capture 155H
G5-095, partial capture LOV-153M, complete capture 154H
G5-096, partial capture LOV-152M, partial capture 153H (completes image, overlaps with W5-099)
G5-097, partial capture LOV-151M (completes image, overlaps with W5-100,101)
G5-098, partial capture LOV-135H, 134H, complete capture 133M
G5-099, partial capture LOV-134H (completes image)
G5-100, partial capture LOV-132M, complete capture 133H
G5-101, partial capture LOV-131M, complete capture 132H
G5-102, partial capture LOV-130M, complete capture 131H
This is all for yesterday, got a lot of framelets captured yesterday and have now finished 104H.