Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project Status Report 16 Sep 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, end of day, September 16, 2013
My head hurts. When NASA was doing the priority readout of the LOV images, they did a lot more of them than on the previous missions. It looks like they did more early in the mission than later in the mission. Thus today has been an exercise in checking out each tape that we do against previous captures of Goldstone and Woomera tapes now. We do this as every minute we save of head life means another tape that we could capture.
I have captured some data that is a duplication and I don’t want to do it. Another issue is that some of our tapes have not been processed yet so I have to refer to my notes a lot.
Making things WORSE on us is the fact that JPL quit putting the sequence numbers on the tape which has been our ONLY WAY to reference what was on the tapes without comparing the times that the machine was one for each site which bless em they still put the TIME CAPTURED on the tapes. However, for these overlaps it does not work as the times are not correlated so I have to play each tape, at least the first couple and the last couple of framelets, figure out what sequence number the tape actually is from, and then measure that against my paperwork from the LOV photo addendum record.
That is why my head hurts. I need coffee.
The bottom line is that though we have captured little data today, we are through tape G5-136. So that means 21 tapes to go for Goldstone!