LOIRP Status Report 6 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, end of the evening, Friday September 6, 2013.
After a successful LADEE launch this evening and the party at Ames, we hit another milestone today. We have done exactly half of the Goldstone tapes, which also puts us over halfway of all of the LOV tapes. We ended up finishing G5-79 today. All of the captures were longer than 30 minutes today, no overlaps or dupes. I even did something stupid, which was for some reason G5-073 had to be done over again. It had several gaks as well so that one is not going to come out that well. We had a few more servo gaks on other tapes. If it gets any worse we are going to call it a day on this head as it wastes time if we are going to have to do over.

Lunar Orbiter Imagery Presented on NASA Ames Hyperwall 2

On Thursday one of the images retrieved by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) was presented on the NASA Ames Hyperwall visualization system.
According to NASA Ames “Our in-house developed hyperwall-2 visualization system–one of the largest and most powerful in the world–provides a supercomputer-scale environment to visualize and explore the very large, high-dimensional datasets produced by NASA supercomputers and instruments. The hyperwall-2 helps researchers display, analyze, and study high-dimensional datasets in meaningful ways, allowing the use of different tools, viewpoints, and parameters to display the same data or datasets.”
The image that was presented was a portion of the floor of crater Copernicus taken by Lunar Orbiter 5 on 11 August 1967. Specifically frame 5151_H1.
FYI at the native resolution of this restored image and the resolution of the individual monitors used in this hyper wall, we’d need 50 – yes fifty – hyperwall 2 set ups to show this LOIRP image at its full resolution.
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LOIRP Status Report 5 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status end of day, September 5, 2013
Got through image G5-071 today. The head held out and maybe we have a few more left in old bessie…..
We went to see our Copernicus image, the big 23 gigabyte one, on the NASA Hyperwall 2 today. Got some good pictures, Keith will post them tomorrow.
Will post the image numbers tomorrow as well….
– Status mid day, September 5, 2013
A funny thing happened on the way to the tapes, we had a whole tape with nothing but black, an unexposed image. This would have been LOV-218H.
The next image, 216M has some weird pattern on the image, which according to the ground team chatter is the Bimat supply roll. Apparently this the last two images wound around the supply roll which cased the weird pattern. You can see this pattern on the existing image at: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/lunarorbiter/images/preview/5216_med.jpg
This means that we are half way through the LOV film roll and are now running the final readout images. Today we were able to skip G5-060-63 because 60-62 were duplicates with Woomera images and G5-063 had nothing but a blank image on it. Thus our first real capture today is on G5-064. As stated yesterday, the halfway point in tape count is G5-079 so we obviously have many tapes and overlaps to go. This makes tape 227 out of 478 for LOV, so we are making progress! The head is not going to last much longer though, possibly no longer than today.

LOIRP Status Report 4 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Mid day Wednesday September 4, 2013.
The tape list is getting quite long so I have to deal with it. I made a mistake that I caught yesterday so have to incorporate that as well…..
G5-035, partial capture LOV-087H, 086H, 083H complete capture 085M (some overlap with W5-136)
G5-036, complete capture, LOV-092M, partial capture 093H
G5-037, partial capture LOV-112H, 111H, complete capture 110M
G5-038, partial capture LOV-115M, 116H, (completes 116H) (overlap with W5-122)
G5-039, partial capture LOV-114M, 115H (duplicate capture with W5-123 but did anyway as there were gaks on the W5-123 tape)
G5-040, partial capture LOV-119M (completes image, and overlaps with W5-118) also 120H (completes image and overlaps with W5-117)
We may have to recapture W5-122 as I made a mistake with the reading of that image and did not capture framelets 765-700 as I should have because I had the wrong image number listed.
G5-041, not needed, overlap W5-118, 119
G5-042, not needed, overlap W5-118
G4-043, not needed, overlap W5-042
G5-044, partial capture LOV-139M, 140H
G5-045, partial capture LOV-140H, complete capture 138M, 139H
G5-046, partial capture LOV-137M, 138H
Those are from yesterday. So far today…..
G5-047, not needed but captured partial LOV-143H (five frame lets), it is overlapped with W5-112 and 113)
G5-048, partial capture LOV-142H (several gaks due to control track problems)
G5-049, partial capture LOV-140M, complete capture 141H, 139M
G5-050, not needed overlap W5-108
G5-051, not needed overlap W5-110,-051
G5-052, not needed, duplicate W5-110,-111
G5-053, partial capture LOV-160H, 158M, 165H (ground station problems made from framelets 421-405 messy) (158M not in LPI database)
G5-054, partial capture LOV-163M, complete capture 164H
This is all so far though G5-055 is in process.
We don’t know how much longer the head will last but we are pushing forward. It could fail any minute. So far now we are well over 1/3rd of the way through the Goldstone tapes, and mostly because we found this old cast away head. It is having problems with the control track so probably we won’t refurbish it again so we are going to run it for all it is worth! To get half way through the Goldstone tapes we have to make it to G5-079. Keep yer fingers crossed!

LOIRP Status Report 3 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Late afternoon September 3, 2013
Well we got through (or about to finish) from G5-035-44 today. Lots of overlaps and duplicates so the amount of tape run was not really that much. Was able to close some gaps on several images but also found that I had made an identification mistake before on an overlap. Will fix that but will have to rerun part of a Woomera tape that I had skipped before.
I have to go to a doctor appointment so will lay it out tomorrow. The head we have now is starting to get a bit sketchy so don’t know how many more tapes we can get on this one. Not too bad so far and I at least want to get half way through the Goldstone tapes. If anyone is feeling like it we sure need another donation for a head!