Lunar Orbiter Imagery Presented on NASA Ames Hyperwall 2

On Thursday one of the images retrieved by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) was presented on the NASA Ames Hyperwall visualization system.
According to NASA Ames “Our in-house developed hyperwall-2 visualization system–one of the largest and most powerful in the world–provides a supercomputer-scale environment to visualize and explore the very large, high-dimensional datasets produced by NASA supercomputers and instruments. The hyperwall-2 helps researchers display, analyze, and study high-dimensional datasets in meaningful ways, allowing the use of different tools, viewpoints, and parameters to display the same data or datasets.”
The image that was presented was a portion of the floor of crater Copernicus taken by Lunar Orbiter 5 on 11 August 1967. Specifically frame 5151_H1.
FYI at the native resolution of this restored image and the resolution of the individual monitors used in this hyper wall, we’d need 50 – yes fifty – hyperwall 2 set ups to show this LOIRP image at its full resolution.
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