LOIRP Status Report 6 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, end of the evening, Friday September 6, 2013.
After a successful LADEE launch this evening and the party at Ames, we hit another milestone today. We have done exactly half of the Goldstone tapes, which also puts us over halfway of all of the LOV tapes. We ended up finishing G5-79 today. All of the captures were longer than 30 minutes today, no overlaps or dupes. I even did something stupid, which was for some reason G5-073 had to be done over again. It had several gaks as well so that one is not going to come out that well. We had a few more servo gaks on other tapes. If it gets any worse we are going to call it a day on this head as it wastes time if we are going to have to do over.