Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 7 February 2014

Dennis Wingo Status, end of day, Friday February 7th 2014.
Did not get a lot of tapes done today but I did get through G1-043. We had some tapes that were noisy (because of low signal strength at NASA Goldstone), and one with gaks (servo problems that we can’t fix as they were recorded into the tape or the tape has just aged badly).
So this brings the magic number down to….. drumroll…. 141 tapes to go!
Dennis Wingo Status, noon February 7th 2014
As promised here are the images captured since the last time I listed them.
W1-051, complete capture LOI-115M
W1-052, complete capture LOI-114M
W1-053, complete capture LOI-113M (also captured by W1-014)
W1-054, not captured, LOI-104M blank image
W1-055, complete capture LOI-102M (Earthrise medium des image)
W1-056, partial capture LOI-102H (101M is a blank image)
W1-057, complete capture LOI-101M, partial capture 102H
W1-058, complete capture LOI-089M
W1-059, complete capture LOI-088M
W1-060, complete capture LOI-087M
W1-061, complete capture LOI-086M
W1-062, complete capture LOI-074M
W1-063, complete capture LOI-073M
W1-064, complete capture LOI-072M
W1-065, complete capture LOI-071M
W1-066, complete capture LOI-056M
W1-067, complete capture LOI-055M
W1-068, complete capture LOI-054M
W1-069, complete capture LOI-053M
W1-070, partial capture LOI-041H, 040H, complete capture 039M
W1-071, partial capture LOI-040H, complete capture 038M
W1-072, partial capture LOI-038H, complete capture 037M
W1-073, partial capture LOI-038H, complete capture 036M
W1-074, complete capture LOI-023M
W1-075, partial capture LOI-021M
W1-076, partial capture LOI-021M (completes image) complete capture 020M
W1-077, complete capture LOI-019M
W1-078, complete capture LOI-007M
W1-079, complete capture LOI-006M, partial capture 006M (also partial capture by W1-001)
W1-080, partial capture LOI-005M (completes image)
W1-081, complete capture LOI-005H
W1-082, no image, test tape done two months after mission ended
W1-083, complete capture LOI-058 (noisy image)
W1-084, complete capture LOI-057 (noisy image)
Goldstone captures
G1-001, (missing tape)
G1-002, not captured dupe of W1-001
G1-003, (missing tape)
G1-004, (missing tape)
G1-005, not captured dupe of W1-004
G1-006, not captured dupe of W1-076
G1-007, not captured dupe of W1-006
G1-008, partial capture LOI-028M, 030H
G1-009, partial capture LOI-028M (completes image), complete capture, 029M
G1-010, not captured, no medium res image and smeared high res
G1-011, complete capture LOI-075M
G1-012, complete capture LOI-077M
G1-013, not captured dupe W1-009
G1-014, complete capture LOI-091M
G1-015, not captured dupe W1-055
G1-016, complete capture LOI-105M
G1-017, complete capture LOI-119M
G1-018, not captured dupe W1-015
G1-019, complete capture LOI-161M (also W1-037, 038)
G1-020, not captured dupe W1-031
G1-021, not captured dupe W1-019
G1-022, complete capture LOI-211M
G1-023, complete capture LOI-210M (noisy signal)
G1-024, complete capture LOI-209M (noisy signal)
G1-025, complete capture LOI-208M (very noisy signal)
G1-026, not captured no medium res image
G1-027, complete capture LOI-207M (very noisy signal)
G1-028, not captured no medium res image
G1-029, not captured dupe W1-019, 021)
G1-030, complete capture LOI-199M
As you can see, there is a major benefit in the way that I am recording the images now as it results in a reduction of duplication of captures. This saves us head life and processing life on the back end as well.
Back at it today but slowly as Ken had to replace some bearings on the capstan motors and we are really watching the head life. Unfortunately we have to run each of the Goldstone tapes at least a bit. For tapes G1-004-020 they did not put the sequence numbers on them, making it extremely difficult and time consuming to figure out what was on the tapes. These are also mostly Scotch brand tapes, which have major problems with head clogs.
And so it goes.