LOIRP Status Report 28 August 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status August 28, 2013 late afternoon.
A pretty good day today, ran tapes G5-23-30 excepting 28-29 which are duplicates of W5-019-20. The tally for today.
G5-023, partial capture LOV-049M, 050H
G5-024, partial capture LOV-050H (completes image), complete capture 048M, partial capture 049H
G5-025, partial capture LOV-049H (almost completes image)
G5-026, partial capture LOV-051M, complete capture 052H
G5-027, partial capture LOV-050M, 049M, complete capture 051H
G5-028, not captured duplicate of W5-019
G5-029, not captured duplicate of W5-020
G5-030, partial capture LOV-067M, 068H
The overall status of the capture of Lunar Orbiter 5 is pretty good. To date we have captured all 163 of the Woomera tapes. We have captured 32 (two from earlier captures) of 158 of the Goldstone tapes. We have also previously captured 6 of 156 of the Madrid tapes.
This means that for all of LOV there are 477 tapes for which we have now captured 201 total tapes captured. It looks like about 2 out of ten of the Goldstone tapes are duplicates so out of 126 remaining that means that at a minimum we really only need to capture about another 102 tapes. For Madrid lets figure that four out of ten are duplicates because of the overlap between both Woomera and Goldstone. So out of 152 remaining Madrid tapes we need to capture about 90 tapes. Thus we have about 192 out of 477 tapes to go so we are basically about 60% through our LOV captures. Lets hope this head holds out!