LOIRP Status Report 27 August 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, mid day August 27, 2013
Ran a tape yesterday, G5-011. The next two tapes (G5-012,013) are duplicates of W5-005, 006. We are going to run a few tapes today just to kee the ball rolling, we have kinda gotten stacked up as our framelet count for lunar orbiter is now up to over 64,000! (at 126 megabytes per finished framelet, that is a LOT of data i.e. 8 Terabytes).
G5-011, partial capture LOV-018M, 016M complete capture 019H
G5-012, not needed, duplicate of W5-005
G5-013, not needed, duplicate of W5-006
G5-014, partial capture LOV-029H, 028H complete capture 027M
G5-015 is in process now.
End of Day August 27, 2013
Ran several more tapes and found another couple that I don’t have to run. Starting to look like a pattern which makes sense as the end of a Goldstone pass overlaps with the beginning of a Woomera pass. When we get to the Madrid tapes we will have their overlaps with Woomera and Goldstone already done….
Tapes for today since G5-014
G5-015, partial capture LOV-031M, complete capture 032H
G5-016, complete capture LOV-030M, 031H
G5-017, partial capture LOV-029M
G5-018. partial capture LOV-033M, complete capture 034H
G5-019, partial capture LOV-032M,033H
G5-020, partial capture LOV-033H (completes image), partial capture 031M (completes image [from G5-015])
G5-021, partial capture LOV-035M, partial capture 036H (completes image [from W5-012])
G5-022, not captured, overlap with W5-013
Most of G5-021 was an overlap with W5-012 but we still got some framelets that we did not have before, enough to complete another image.
So, we are making progress. With other things I have to do this week we are not going to get a lot done, but we will next week. I still want to get up to about G5-050 this week, which should be doable.