Lunar Orbiter in the News 13 November 2008

NASA unveils lunar image recovery project, CNet
“This project is an opportunity to revel in what was done in the past,” said Pete Worden, director of Ames Research Center, “and get excited about what we’re doing in the future.”
NASA swoons over rescued moons; decades-old lunar photos no longer lost in space, AP
“These photos will have some use, said Wingo’s partner, Keith Cowing, head of Spaceref Interactive, which runs space-themed Web sites. When NASA launches its next high-tech lunar probe in the spring, the space agency can compare detailed high-resolution images from 1966 to 2009 and see what changes occurred in 43 years, he said. “What this gives you is literally before and after photos,” Cowing said. “This is like a time machine.”
Rescued Moon Photos Restored to Unprecedented Detail, Universe Today
“Earlier this week we had a story about old data from the Apollo missions that could potentially be lost if an “antique” computer from the 1960’s can’t be renovated. But now comes good news about more old data which has actually been restored and enhanced to an exceedingly high quality.”
New pictures of the moon discovered (video), KGO
“It’s maybe the last place you might expect to resurrect history. There is an abandoned McDonalds near Moffett Field, with plenty of floor space for 1,894 video tapes. “We liken it to archeology. Techno-archeology,” said Dennis Wingo, an imaging expert.”

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  1. This is fantastic! I anticipated a bit of nostalgia, but the results so far are nothing short of startling! The resolution is STUNNING! The new and unanticipated detail is amazing. Almost like having FIVE free missions, except the data is already downloaded and safely in hand. I’m sure there is plenty of scope for new discoveries lurking in that data set!
    Looking forward to seeing your efforts successfully extracting every last one of the 1,983 images. Congratulations, keep up the good work and good luck with the equipment! Superb!

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