Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 29 January 2014

Dennis Wingo Lunar Orbiter Status, mid afternoon January 29, 2014
Just a short status as the LO-I tapes take a lot of time and effort.
Getting a handle on finding where the medium resolution image actually is on a tape. Not as easy as it could be as the document that we have used very successfully on the other missions does not exist for LO-I.
I am basically taking the sequence numbers from the tape and finding where that sequence number was captured and then noting the frame let numbers for a medium resolution image. After looking at the first frame let of the tape I can figure out where the medium resolution image is on the tape with some guessing and playback effort.
So far we are on W1-012 today.
This brings the total left to go down to 275.