Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 24 January 2014

Dennis Wingo Status end of day, January 24, 2014
Made good progress today, made it through M4-110 then backed up and started with M4-061. Made it through M4-065 at the end of the day.
This gets us down to 310 tapes to go!
(We are going to have a last tape party when we get to the end of the road here).
Dennis Wingo Status, afternoon January 24, 2014
I forgot to put out a status yesterday as I had to run out to San Francisco to a meet up yesterday.
Yesterday we made it through M4-102 and things look pretty good today as I am through M4-109 (slept through rush hour this morning after a late night last night). I am running M4-110 now and after my capture of M4-111 last week this finishes the numerical series. However, we still have M4-53 through M4-079 to complete.
Some bad news is that we are missing two additional Madrid tapes from LO-IV, M4-080 and M4-081. This brings us to a total of six LO-IV Madrid tapes that are missing and this is by far the most missing tapes that we have for any mission. Very sad about this as we are getting some really nice images, as we see with the honor of the Wired image of the day today for LO-IV-123M!
I should have time today to go back and see how many in the 53-79 series that I can get. Another annoyance is that most of the tapes I have today are from the two pages that are missing from the table from the book we just got so I can’t even tell you what images we have from today’s captures. Here is what we got yesterday.
M4-094, complete capture LOIV-163M, partial capture 164H
M4-095, partial capture LOIV-164H (completes image), complete capture 162M, 163H
M4-096, not needed, duplicate capture of G4-082
M4-097, partial capture LOIV-143H (completes image with overlap of tape W4-097)
M4-098, complete capture LOIV-141M, 142H (141M is a blank image)
M4-099, complete capture LOIV-140M (skipped 141H as it is blank)
M4-100, complete capture LOIV-139M, 140H
M4-101, complete capture LOIV-138M, partial capture 139H
M4-102, partial capture LOIV-139H (completes image), complete capture 137M, 138H
M4-103, complete capture LOIV-136M, 137H
M4-104, complete capture LOIV-135M, 136H, 134M
That’s all that I have data on…..