Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 22 January 2014

Dennis Wingo: Status, afternoon January 22nd, 2014
It’s Alive…….
Looks like we are able to move forward. The head that we are currently using is still functioning. Today I have captured M4-082 through 090 which is on the machine now. If things continue going I will get through at least M4-092 today.
It must be noted that I skipped M5-53 to M4-081. The head that was replaced on the Madrid machine 46 years ago won’t work with our worn head, but by the time we reached tape M4-082 the head wear was such that we could lock up on the signal.
It is my plan to proceed through to finish out the tapes and by then we will have another head that is currently being repaired (not refurbished) by Videomagnetics. If that head works we will be able to finish LO-IV and start immediately on LO-1.
If we get the tapes done today that I think we will we will have 333 tapes to go by the end of the day!
Dennis Wingo: Update, Wednesday late afternoon, January 22nd, 2014
We got the Lunar Orbiter photography book yesterday, sans to critical pages in the table that we use for matching the sequences to the tapes. However, I can still provide the data for the tapes that we are running today in the form that we did for Lunar Orbiter II, III, and V.
Tapes for Today
M4-082, partial capture LOIV-195H, complete capture 193M, 194H
M4-083, complete capture LOIV-192M, 193H, partial capture 191M
M4-084, partial capture LOIV-191M (completes image), complete capture 192H
M4-085, complete capture LOIV-190M, 191H
M4-086, complete capture LOIV-189M, partial capture 190H (completes image with framelets from G4-072)
M4-087, partial capture LOI-171M (completes image with frame lets from W4-087)
M4-088, Complete capture LOIV-169M, 170H
M4-088, Complete capture LOIV-168M, 169H
M4-089, Complete capture LOIV-167M, 168H
M4-090, Complete capture LOIV-166M, partial capture 167H
M4-091, Complete capture LOIV-165M, 166H
M4-092, Complete capture LOIV, 164M, 165H, partial capture 167H (completes image)
M4-093, Complete capture LOIV-164M, 165H (next tape up)
If we get through all of these tapes (M4-092 is running now), we will have 332 tapes to go!