6 Sep 2008 LOIRP Status

The first image you see here is the explanation from the original documentation showing what a single line of lunar orbiter video looks like.  The second, is the machine fully locked up and reproducing the correct structure.  The image is inverted as it gets flipped with a jumper select on the board that we just have another board that has the jumper but we weren’t using it.

If you look at the oscilloscope, you can see the fiducial marks in their proper position before and after the sync pulse.  If you look at the lower right part of the screen, you will see the notation (200us).  That is the amount of time per division.  If you count the divisions to the next sync pulse, you will see that it exactly matches the number for a single scan line below.  The voltage scale is correct as well except that the drawing below is wrong.  The signal is 1 volt, not five volts.  We have confirmation that 1 volt is the correct number from the audio tapes where the engineers recorded the voltage levels on the tape.  It is these kinds of discrepancies that we have had to research and overcome.  We have reached that magic milestone.  We now have to put those lines together into an image and we are working that now.  However, the two critical questions that were in everyones mind when we started this have been answered.  Are the tapes good?  Yes.  Can the drive be brought back to operational status? Yes.  
We are at a crossroads here and I will put together a formal report and seek input on where to go from here.  As a result of our work we have found a few things that were not in the documentation that effects which way we go forward from here.  Our original plan for digitizing the images is no longer tenable and we are doing a near term work around for the image milestone.