Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 27 November 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, Wednesday morning November 27, 2013
Back at it today. I only did three tapes yesterday as they were the ones (M5-063, M5-100, and M5-101) that we had been baking for several days to help reduce the head clogs. That failed and it took several hours to transfer the image data without too many gaks in the images.
That is done and so I can start back with M5-116 today and move forward.
Status Wednesday afternoon, November 27, 2013
Things have gone well today. Lots of long captures that help to close the gap in our images. We are well past 75% of the Madrid tapes (running M5-122 out of 158 right now), and well past 90% of the total Lunar Orbiter V captures. Just today we have captured almost a thousand frame lets. Here is the list since my last update. Including the ones from before as well from the baked tapes to complete the update.
M5-063, partial capture LOV-201H (completes image with overlap on M5-060)
M5-100, complete capture LOV-113M, 114H
M5-101, complete capture LOV-112M, 113H
M5-102, complete capture LOV-111M, partial capture M5-112H (completes image with overlap with M5-034 and M5-035)
M5-103, partial capture LOV-111H
M5-104, partial capture LOV-111H (completes image with M5-103, and G5-037), complete capture 109M, 110H
M5-105, complete capture LOV-108M
M5-106, partial capture LOV-108H (overlaps with M5-033), partial capture M5-106M
M5-107, partial capture LOV-106M (two frame lets missing, partial overlap with M5-106), partial capture 107H
M5-108, partial capture LOV-107H (completes capture with M5-107)
M5-109, complete capture LOV-105M
M5-110, complete capture LOV-104M (duplicate to G5-111) partial capture LOV-105H (duplication and overlap with G5-111 that completes image)
M5-111, partial capture LOV-102M (completes image with overlap of G5-113)
M5-112, partial capture LOV-101M (completes image with overlap of G5-114)
M5-113, partial capture of a partial framelet of LOV-087M (completes image with an overlap of W5-138
M5-114, Not captured, duplicate of W5-138
M5-115, partial capture LOV-087H, 2086M (completes images with overlap of G5-035)
M5-116, partial capture LOV-086H (completes image with overlap of G5-035)
M5-117, complete capture LOV-084M, 085H
M5-118, complete capture LOV-083M, partial capture 085H
M5-119, partial capture LOV-085H (completes image with previous tape)
M5-120, complete capture LOV-082M, 083H
M5-121, complete capture LOV-081M, 082H,
M5-122, complete capture LOV-080M, 081H, partial capture 079M (completes image with overlap of G5-122)
M5-123, not needed, duplicates G5-122
M5-124, not needed, overlaps with W5-032
M5-125, not needed,duplicates G5-124
That ends the captures for November as everyone is off tomorrow until Monday. We don’t make our people work the holidays!