Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 13 November 2013

Dennis Wingo: Not too productive today, lots of details to get right when we are at this point in the process. Made it to tape M5-099. Wanted to do 100 but it is head clogging so I said heck with it, deal with it in the morning.
Have not done a tape log in a while but here ya go. Many of these that are “completes image” are from tapes previously captured that were partial captures. This is the nice thing about LOV, we are going to get probably over 99% recovery of images from this mission, including dozens that are not on the LPI site.
M5-058, not needed, overlaps with W5-085
M5-059, partial capture LOV-202H (completes image with overlap W5-086)
M5-060, partial capture LOV-201H, complete capture 200M
M5-061, not needed, overlap with W5-085
M5-062, not needed, overlap with W5-086
M5-063, head clog, tape baking in progress
M5-064, complete capture LOV-199M, 200H, partial capture 198M
M5-065, partial capture LOV-198M (completes image), complete capture 199H
M5-066, complete capture LOV-197M, partial capture 198H (completes image with overlap of M5-056)
M5-067, complete capture LOV-196M
M5-068, partial capture LOV-194M
M5-069, partial capture LOV-194M (completes capture) complete capture 195H
M5-070, complete capture LOV-194M, partial capture 194H (completes capture with overlap of G5-071
M5-071, partial capture LOV-192M (completes image with overlap of G5-072)
M5-072, partial capture LOV-191M (completes image with overlap of G5-073
M5-073, not needed, overlap of W5-098
M5-074, complete capture LOV-173M (overlap and duplicate of W5-063), partial capture of 172H (completes image with overlap of W5-063), complete capture 171M
M5-075, not needed, overlap with W5-063
M5-076, not needed, overlap with W5-064
M5-077, partial capture LOV-170H (completes image with overlap of W5-065)
M5-078, complete capture LOV-168M, partial capture 169H (completes image with overlap of G5-056
M5-079, partial capture of LOV-167M (completes image with overlap of G5-057)
M5-080, partial capture of LOV-166M (completes image with overlap of G5-058)
M5-081, partial capture of LOV-165M (completes image with overlap of G5-059)
M5-082, partial capture of LOV-164M (completes image with overlap of G5-053), partial capture of 165H, (completes image with overlap of G5-053)
M5-083, partial capture of LOV-163M (completes image with overlap of G5-054)
M5-084, partial capture of LOV-162M (completes image with overlap of G5-055)
M5-085, not needed duplicate of G5-086
M5-086, not needed duplicate of G5-087
M5-087, complete capture LOV-142H
M5-088, complete capture LOV-140M (overlaps with G5-049)
M5-089, not needed overlap of G5-044
M5-090, partial capture of LOV-137M (completes image with overlap of G5-045)
M5-091, partial capture of LOV-138H (completes image with overlap of xxx (don’t have info woomera image)
M5-092, complete capture LOV-136M
M5-093, not needed, overlaps with M5-040,041
M5-094, not needed, overlaps with M5-041
M5-095, not needed, overlaps with G5-098
M5-096, not needed, overlaps with G5-099
M5-097, partial capture LOV-132M (completes image with overlap of G5-100)
M5-098, not needed, overlap of G5-101, M5-037
M5-099, not needed, overlap of G5-102…
Whew, that is a lot of work over the last few days, even with the ones that we did not need to digitize as we have to figure out what is on the tapes and the only way to do that sometimes is to compare times with the other ground stations or play them.
Tomorrow we should pass the half way point with the Madrid tapes, slightly ahead of schedule.