Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 8 November 2013

Dennis Ray Wingo Status, end of day November 8, 2013
Had a lot of visitors today so got tapes done but will get the report done on Monday. We finished M5-057 at the end of the day so we are almost 40% of the way through LOV tapes!
On Monday we will be fished with the priority readouts and will be doing the final readout for Madrid tapes. Austin finished the handy dandy reference book for what frame lets we have left to go. They don’t have the Madrid captures in there though so we will get that done on Monday. We also have ordered another 16 Terabytes of hard drive in order to upgrade our RAID array that was out of space.
LOTS of frame lets, 25,000 just for Woomera and Goldstone for LOV.
Have a nice weekend!