Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project Status Report 8 Oct 2013

Dennis Wingo: Back at doing some clean up tape capture today. We had a tape that would not run before due to control track problems that ran fine today (G5-067). I am going to rerun G5-004 to see if the loss of signal about ten minutes into the tape is permanent. If it is, more than likely there is overlap with a Madrid tape on this one. I still need to give the images numbers on tapes 137-158 and will do that in a bit. Here is what came off of G5-067
G5-067, partial capture LOV-213M, complete capture 214H
G5-136, partial capture LOV-050M, complete capture 051H
G5-137, complete capture LOV-049M, 050H
G5-138, partial capture LOV-045M, complete capture 046H
G5-139, partial capture LOV-046M, complete capture 047H
G5-140, partial capture LOV-048M, complete capture 049H
G5-141, partial capture LOV-047M, complete capture 048H
G5-142, partial capture LOV-044M, 045H
G5-143, not captured, overlap with W5-151
G5-144, partial capture LOV-041M
G5-145, partial capture LOV-045H
G5-146, partial capture LOV-044M, 045H (duplicate with G5-142)
G5-147, partial capture LOV-045H
Break in the record for a second.
I just figured out what happened that had been confusing me before. It seems that the Lunar Orbiter flight team had backed up the film and rerecorded some images between G5-142 and G5-147! The numbers don’t make any sense otherwise!
G5-147′, partial capture LOV-028H (duplicate tape number but different image!!)
G5-148, partial capture LOV-026M, 025M, complete capture 027H
G5-149, partial capture LOV-025M (completes image), complete capture 026H
G5-150, not captured, overlap with W5-11
G5-151, partial capture LOV-024H (overlap with W5-008,W5-011)
G5-152, not captured, overlap with W5-009
G5-153, partial capture LOV-022H
G5-154, partial capture LOV-020, complete capture 021H (overlap with W5-006-007)
G5-155, partial captur eLOV-019M (overlap with G5-010-011)
G5-156, not captured, overlap with W5-162, G5-011)
G5-157, partial capture LOV-017M (overlap with W5-162, 163)
G5-158, complete capture LOV-017H, partial capture 015M
This completes the Lunar Orbiter V Goldstone captures.
I went back to re-record G5-004 and it has no signal after the first 41 frame lets, about 40 minutes of signal lost. Probably get the framelets on a Madrid tape.