Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project Status Report 17 Sep 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status Tuesday September 17, 2013.
Lots going on today, here are the images since tape G5-114.
G5-115, complete capture LOV-100M, 101H
G5-116, partial capture LOV-099M, 098M completes 099M (overlap here with W5-38, only needed to capture a couple of framelets from each image)
G5-117, partial capture LOV-098M, 099H (completes images) (overlap with W5-038 and W5-124)
G5-119, partial capture LOV-096M (completes image) (overlap with W5-126, 127)
G5-120, not needed, overlap with W5-128
G5-121, not needed overlap with W5-036, W5-129
G5-122, partial capture LOV-079M, 080H
G5-123, not needed, overlap with W5-032
G5-124, partial capture LOV-078H (completes image, overlaps with W5-033)
G5-125, partial capture LOV-076M, complete capture 077H
G5-126, partial capture LOV-075M, complete capture 076H
G5-127, partial capture LOV-074M, complete capture 075H (some overlap with W5-031)
G5-128, complete capture LOV-073M, 074H, partial capture 072M
G5-129, partial capture LOV-072M (completes image), complete capture 073H
Those are all of the ones captured last Friday. Below is what was captured on Monday.
G5-130, partial capture LOV-071M (completes image) (overlaps with W5-029)
G5-131, partial capture LOV-071H (completes image) (overlaps with W5-030)
G5-132, partial capture LOV-069M (completes image) (overlaps with G5-032, W5-139
G5-133, not needed, overlaps with G5-033, W5-140
G5-134, not needed, overlaps with W5-141,142
G5-135, partial capture LOV-054H, 053H, complete capture 052M
G5-136, partial capture LOV-050M, 051H (completes both images with an overlap with G5-027. G5-136 framelets are duplicates of G5-027
This is where we are at this morning. Will be back at capturing this afternoon but with no sequence numbers I have to run tape that I can’t capture in order to figure out what images I have the old fashioned way, by looking at the framelets and then comparing with the images in the LPI database. This is not as easy as it sounds as there are many images missing from LOV at LPI.