LOIRP Status Report 11 September 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, late afternoon September 11, 2013.
Well tape number G5-099 is on the machine right now!
I am going to hand around long enough today to run #100 so that we are that far though LOV. With this tape we are now 263 out of 478 tapes for LOV. Going to keep pushing as long as there are atoms on the leading edge of the head tips!
Status, Tuesday September 10, 2013 morning.
Oh wow, I just realized I have not updated the image capture data since G5-071. Well we are now through G5-091 as of last night so we are well past the half way point on the Goldstone captures. I have to do paperwork today so I may or may not get a few tapes in. The head is holding out. About one out of every four or five tapes has a few servo gaks that we will have to go back and redo once we get another head but I am getting some positive indication that we may get some private funding for a head. More on that should it materialize. If it does I am not pretty confident that we can finish LOV and do at least some of LO-IV. Every tape we get done gets us this much closer to the finish line. I feel like we are in a marathon but can now see a little peep of light at the end of the tunnel!
Images since the last report.
G5-072, partial capture LOV-192M, 191M, complete capture 193H
G5-073, partial capture LOV-191M, 190M, complete capture 192H
G5-074, partial capture LOV-190M (completes image), partial capture 189M, complete capture 191H
G5-075, partial capture LOV-189M, 188M, complete capture 190H
G5-076, partial capture LOV-189H
G5-077, partial capture LOV-187M, 186M, complete capture 188H
G5-078, partial capture LOV-186M (completes image), complete capture 187H
G5-079, partial capture LOV-185M, complete capture 186H
These were all the captures from last Friday, September 6th. There were n overlaps with any other tapes on Friday.
Captures yesterday.
G5-080, partial capture LOV-184M, complete capture 185H
G5-081, partial capture LOV-183M, complete capture 184H
G5-082, complete capture LOV-182M, partial capture 183H
G5-083, partial capture LOV-183H, 181M
G5-084, partial capture LOV-164H (completes capture, overlap with G5-054)
G5-085, partial capture LOV-162M (completes capture, overlap with G5-055)
G5-086, complete capture LOV-161M, 162H
G5-087, complete capture LOV-160M, partial capture 161H
G5-088, partial capture LOV-161H (completes image), complete capture 159M, partial capture 160H
G5-089, partial capture LOV-160H, complete capture 158M, partial capture 159H (completes image, overlaps with M5-046)
G5-90, not needed, overlaps with M5-046-047)
G5-91, not needed, overlaps with M5-048
Some of the overlaps here with Madrid tapes are from Madrid tapes captured earlier this year in order to make the large Copernicus mosaic.
So, here we are at about 62% of the way through our Goldstone tapes. We are still nursing our head to get as far as we can though on every tape I think that we are near the end. We have one more head with a bit of life left on it that we have found so if we get really lucky we will make it all the way through the Goldstone tapes. We have 66 tapes left of which probably 45 we have to play. Keep those positive waves coming!!