LOIRP Status Report 22 August 2013

Dennis Wingo: Status, late afternoon August 22nd.
I was running G5-004 this morning. It was supposed to have 55 minutes of video on it but after about 15 minutes the video went away. It is not the head causing it because I was able to back up and look at the video on the earlier part. I am at this second running G5-005 and this tape looks ok too. The loss of the video kills at least two images but the same data is on a tape with the sequence number 147 so it may be on a Goldstone or Madrid tape later.
I am going to finish G5-005 today….
G5-004, partial capture LOV-006M, 007H
G5-005, partial capture LOV-013M, complete capture 014H
Going to continue to go slowly, watching each tape closely until we wear the head down to the nubbin!