LOIRP Status Report 30 July 2013

Dennis WIngo: Status, end of day 7-30-13: As I may have mentioned in the past, we have captured some lunar orbiter five images before this concentrated run. The Copernicus mosaic we did a few months ago, the Messier craters and some other images we had captured before.
So today I started with W5-051 and 052. Then we skipped all the way to W5-063. Then we skipped W5-064 and began again with 065. Today we have captured 12 tapes, going through W5-073. Tomorrow I will list the images but it takes a while to figure out from the paperwork.
Hopefully, if we can keep this pace up we will be over W5-100 on Friday and then we have another several tapes to skip! We won’t know what we have to do with the Goldstone and Madrid tapes for LO-V until we are completely finished with Woomera. So, there you have it….
Status mid day 7-30-13: These are the images captured from the tapes run Saturday (2) and Monday (13). We made it through LOV-50 through the end of yesterday and with what we have run today we are more than 1/3rd the way through LOV Woomera tapes now.
W5-036, partial capture LOV-096H, 095H, complete image 094M
W5-037, partial capture LOV-099M, complete image 100H
W5-038, partial capture LOV-098M, complete image 099H
W5-039, complete capture LOV-103H
W5-040, complete capture LOV-101M, 102H, partial image 100M
W5-041, partial capture LOV-106H
W5-042, partial capture LOV-119H, 117M
W5-043, partial capture LOV-123M, complete capture 124H
W5-044, complete capture LOV-126H, 124M
W5-045, complete capture LOV-125H, 123M
W5-046, complete capture LOV-124H
W5-047, partial capture LOV-128M, complete capture 129H
W5-048, partial capture LOV-127M, complete capture 128H
W5-049, partial capture LOV-126M, 127H
W5-050, partial capture LOV-127H (completes image), partial capture 126H, complete image 125M
Today we have run several tapes but we are jumping sequence due to our having captured several tapes between W5-53-62. I need to verify all of them before we leave them behind though. Will report on our progress today at the end of the day. Looks like we will do about ten tapes today and get us up to W5-70, if everything holds together.