Apollo 17 Transcript – Possible Impact

The NASA Lunar Impact Monitoring Program, Rob Suggs Space Environments Team Lead and NASA Meteoroid Environment Office May 28, 2008
NASA Apollo 17 transcript discussion is given below (before descent to lunar surface):
03 15 38 09 (mission elapsed time) (10 Dec 1972, 21:16:09 UT – possible Geminid)
LMP Hey, I just saw a flash on the lunar surface!
CC Oh, yes?
Geminids 12/13/1972
LMP It was just out there north of Grimaldi [mare]. Just north of Grimaldi. You might see if you got anything on your seismometers, although a small impact probably would give a fair amount of visible light. CC Okay. We’ll check. LMP It was a bright little flash right out there near that crater. See the [sharp rimed] crater right at the [north] edge of [the] Grimaldi [mare]? Then there is another one [i.e., sharp rimed crater] [directly] north of it [about 50km]- fairly sharp one north of it. [That] is where there was just a thin streak [pin prick] [flash?] of light.
CC How about putting an X on the map where you saw it? LMP I keep looking for — yes, we will. I was planning on looking for those kind of things….