Seeing Boulders on The Moon

[Click on image to enlarge] Keith’s note: Tonight we are testing out our newest Mac computer at the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project located at NASA ARC. We’ll be using this machine (8 processors and 10 TB of storage) to do near-real time processing of imagery once we have pulled it off of original Lunar Orbiter analog data tapes using our restored FR-900 tape drives. We hope to do a live webcast this coming Thursday so that you can look over our shoulders as we bring another image to light for the first time in more than 40 years.
Tonight, as we were flying through a portion of one of the images we came across a boulder field. Here is the image archive at LPI – subframe H3, Framelet 323. The image was taken by Lunar Orbiter II on 20 Nov 1966 at an altitude of 52.2 miles with a ground resolution of 1.14 meters/pixel. The framelet image shown here is approximately 220 meters across. You can clearly make out a number of boulders around 1 meter in size sitting on the surface.

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  1. Excellent work and spotting guys !
    Its just like 1966 all over again – but better :-))
    Fantastic project you’e working on – just wish could be over there with you
    Phill Parker

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