LOIRP Works To Bring Second FR-900 Tape Drive Online

Keith’s note: we are working to get our second FR-900 tape drive restored and operational. Once that is accomplished the LOIRP will embark upon a new program with a dramatically enhanced capability to retrieve – and release images.

Image: This is one of our original FR-900 Ampex heads with two new preamps. Part of our upgrade program – a Silicon Transistor Preamp and Germanium Preamp

Image: Here is our revised lab setup for the LOIRP project. We had to separate the two FR-900’s due to their high thermal dissipation (about a kilowatt each). in the left foreground where Travis Harper, one of our students is working, we will be putting together the second Apple workstation for processing the image files as they are captured.

Image: We are making video on the second FR-900 this morning! This is a major milestone in the LOIRP project as it will allow us, as soon as the second demodulator is done, to increase the pace of image capture from the Lunar Orbiter Tapes

Image: Ken Zin is standing in front of FR-900 Unit 2. It is getting closer and closer to full operational status.

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