LOIRP In The News

Moon’s South Pole Gets Close-Up in Restored Photos, space.com
“Newly restored photographs of the moon’s dark south pole, taken by lunar orbiters in 1967, were released this week in anticipation of NASA’s planned Thursday launch of two new probes that will investigate the region in search of underground ice.”
More Photos From the Lunar Time Machine, Universe Today
“The LOIRP team is working on digitizing the data, and restoring the images to their full resolution. These images are especially timely, given the upcoming launch of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, hopefully this week. NASA can compare detailed high-resolution images from 1966 to the present and see what changes occurred in 40-plus years. “What this gives you is literally before and after photos,” Cowing said.”
Lunar Orbiter III-154-H2, Lunar Networks
“In fact, there is a lot of Cold War, personal and science history in this otherwise ordinary-looking shot of apparently unremarkable lunar landscape. The folks at Moonviews have now added their own and very welcome contribution.”
LOIRP recovers Lunar Orbiter IV lunar south pole image from 1967, Lunar Networks
“For the third time in one week Moonviews, the Lunar Orbiter Image Restoration Project (LOIRP) has released another spectacular total restoration taken from multiple passes over magnetic tape retaining data downloaded directly during the U.S. Lunar Orbiter series (1966-1968).”