Video of Lunar Orbiter Image Release Press Conference

This video features a press Conference held at NASA Ames Research Center on 13 November 2008 where our first recovered Lunar Orbiter image was unveiled and discussed.

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  1. In 1965 I was in charge of engineering the constrution of UHF TV Channel 22 in Los angeles. When we started programing on the air we used a 16mm film of the first rocket to reach the moon. The pictures were dramatic. As the rocket reached the close-in gravity of the moon and and came close it rapidly approach the surface and finally crashed into the moon’s surface. The rocket had a vidicon camera. The vidicon was a black and white light sensitive tube with a sensitve face diameter of about one inch. The tube camera was capable of a resolution limited by the electronics. The pictures were radioed back to earth to a television monitor and then photographed in a process called kinescope recording. I wonder if that film is still available.

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