Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 7 November 2013

Status, end of day, November 7, 2013.
Dennis WIngo: Well, made it through M5-40 today. That puts us at over 25% of the way through the Madrid captures. Tomorrow we have six tapes that were captured several months ago so if everything goes well we will hit 1/3rd of the way through in one week. Details of the images captured tomorrow.
The machine is running very well. The head that we have on now is the one that the general brought to Nancy in 1991 before he headed off to the gulf war. It was the last good head and was the one that we used to get the machine working. It has been refurbished a couple of times and after a hiccup last week, when we got it back it was in near perfect condition, that is for a 45 year old head…
Status late morning November 7.
Six tapes in a row with an overlap with other tapes. Already in the 30’s today….

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 6 November 2013

Status, early afternoon November 6th.
Dennis Wingo: Things are going well today, capturing some tapes, up to M5-017 now. Will do a full update at the end of the day…..
In listening to the audio track the Madrid guys are admitting that they had problems with the FR-900 that caused the blank tapes from the day before…
Status end of day November 6, 2013.
Things are moving well with the Madrid tapes. We have finished M5-022 so we are about 15% through the Madrid tapes in three days. That’s the good news. The bad news is that M2-M5 and M8 had no data on them. There was a problem with the FR-900 machine that was not detected by the ground station operator. This is probably not that bad as these images were captured at the end of the Madrid tape run. We will know when we get through the tapes if we lost any images.
Tapes through today.
M5-001, no image data, a test tape.
M5-002, no signal
M5-003, no signal
M5-004, no signal
M5-005, no signal
M5-006, LOV-018M, 8 framelets, completes image
M5-007, not needed, overlaps with G5-010
M5-008, no signal
M5-009, partial capture LOV-027M, 028H
M5-010, complete capture LOV-026M, 027H, partial capture 025M
M5-010 is a special capture, duplicate of the Earth Image from a Goldstone tape.
M5-011, partial capture LOV-029M, complete capture 030H
M5-012, partial capture LOV-028M, 029H
M5-013, partial capture LOV-029H, complete capture 027M, 028H
M5-014, not needed, overlap with G5-015,016
M5-015, partial capture LOV-044H
M5-016, partial capture LOV-044H, 043H, complete capture 042M
M5-017, partial capture LOV-046M, 047H
M5-018, partial capture LOV-047H (completes image)
M5-019, complete capture LOV-045M, partial capture 046H
M5-020, not needed Overlap with G5-023
M5-021, partial capture LOV-044H (completes image with overlap of W5-028)
M5-022, partial capture LOV-042M, 043H
Lots of short captures but some long ones too. Making pretty good progress and hope to keep it up the rest of this week. I would like to have Lunar Orbiter V done by Thanksgiving but I am moving that week! Yikes!

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 5 November 2013

Status, afternoon November 5, 2013.
Dennis Wingo: Started capturing tapes today! M5-006 just needed about 8 frame lets captured which are in the can now. This is going to be interesting because I speculate that this will be the norm with Madrid tapes, not the exception.
End of the day today, November 5, 2013.
Got through M5-010 today. Only captured two fairly long captures and one of them is a duplicate of LOV-027 to see if the Madrid capture of the Earth looks better than the Goldstone capture.
Just kinda getting started today and we had another tape with no signal on it. Bizarre….
Details tomorrow.

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Status 4 November 2013

Status, end of day November 4, 2013
Dennis Wingo: Well we ran four tapes today, with not one frame let captured. It looks like M2-M5 have no signal on them. There are test signals from the calibration at the start of the tape and there is a control track signal and audio, but no video signal at all…..
Finally found a signal when we got to tape M6.
Will start capturing image data from that tape in the morning. We don’t know if it is an error when they originally recorded the tape or not but it does point in that direction…….
Don’t know what images we lost yet but will figure it out in the morning….